In my opinion the key to good home cooked meals is to have a well-stocked pantry. Believe me, it is quicker to whip up a delicious meal at home if your pantry is well stocked with staples, than it is to get Uber Eats delivered. I have categorized them based on the cuisine.


Chinese Cuisine Staples

Dark and Light Soy Sauce – I tend to use dark for a richer colour and more umami flavour as it is thicker and deeper in colour. Light is used to give flavour as it is saltier.

Chinkiang Vinegar

Shaoxing cooking wine

Oyster sauce

Sesame oil

Potato starch

Corn starch

Laoganma Chilli oil

Other Asian

Other Asian Cuisine Pantry Staples

White miso paste

Gochujang paste


Fish sauce

Cooking sake

Rice wine vinegar

Ketjap manis – sweet soy sauce used for Nasi Goreng

Sriracha hot chilli sauce


Italian Cuisine Pantry Staples

Green and black olives

Extra virgin olive oil

Dried oregano

Chilli Flakes


Arborio rice


Balsamic vinegar

Red wine vinegar

Chilli falkes

Tinned plum tomatoes – I tend to buy whole because they are plump and juicy as opposed to pre-cut ones – these tend to be a bit watery

Dried Italian made pasta in a few different shapes including linguine and spaghetti


Pantry Staples For Indian Cuisine

Turmeric Powder

Chilli Powder – Hot and Kashmiri. Kashmiri chilli powder is mild and imparts a beautiful red colour to your food




Black Mustard Seeds

Cumin Seeds

Coriander Seeds

Garam Masala Powder – I tend to buy as a small quantity will not grind smooth enough in my spice grinder and if I make a big batch, the flavour is lost before I can use it all.

Multi Cuisine

Nice to have staples in the pantry

Coconut Milk


Worcestershire sauce

Pomegranate Molasses

Apple cider vinegar

Harissa Paste

Smoked and Hot Paprika

Liquid Honey


Tinned Tuna


Morinaga Long Life Firm and Soft Tofu

Vegetable Oil like Canola or Sunflower oil

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