About me

My name is Sujata Annavarapu and currently live in Wellington, NZ. I am happily married to my man for the last 31 years. We are blessed with two kind and conscientious grown up kids (24 year old daughter and 22 year old son).


I am in my mid-fifties and lived for the first twenty four years of my life in India. My parents always had a morning ritual of yoga and meditation long before these were trendy. So I started doing yoga and meditation from a very young age. Ours was a traditional household and there was always cooking going on. Idli or dosa or puris for breakfast and a cooked lunch and cooked dinner. Occasionally there would also be “tiffin” served with afternoon tea.


My mum is a great cook. When I offered to help in the kitchen, I would often be asked to cut vegetables. I know now that every budding chef starts with prepping vegetables!! My kids always reminisce that this is exactly how I got them started in the kitchen!!!

Food is medicine and what we eat influences our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. I was so fascinated that I decided to study a Master’s degree in Nutrition. I started cooking at a very young age and had an aptitude for it and loved it.


I worked in the travel industry for nearly 17 years and also owned and operated my own agency . I believe food and travel go hand in hand. Food is such a big part of the destination’s culture and tells the story of the people. Through food and travel, one can explore and discover the rich world we live in.


I love yoga and keeping fit, self-care, mindfulness and conscious living, maintaining balance and harmony with my surrounds, Nature, all aspects of food – sourcing, cooking, nutrition and sustainability, Ayurveda, gardening, learning, travelling and ways in which I can bring joy to the lives I touch.


I believe that creating habits just like people do with exercise, will make the act of cooking effortless and engaging. There is so much you can do if you simply begin to try. There is no greater joy than sharing a meal prepared with love with the people you love and cherish. I thought I would share my experiences and tales that come with living on this planet with you and the Universe.

My food philosophy is simple – good wholesome food prepared with love and bursting with fresh flavours.