This dish is like a fried rice and wanted to call this “not fried rice but fried millet”. Millet is really so versatile and I use it like couscous or bulgur. Do try and let me know what you think.

Leek, Broccoli & Peas Fried Millet


1 large leek

1 medium head of broccoli

1 cup of baby peas, frozen

1 cup millet

½ teaspoon turmeric powder

1 green chilli

2 tablespoons grapeseed oil

1 tablespoon chopped mint

½ cup roasted peanuts, roughly chopped

½ teaspoon ground white pepper

30ml lemon juice

1 tablespoon honey

2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

Salt and freshly ground pepper

Finely grated zest of one large lemon


Wash the leek well and slice thinly in to quarters or half-moons. Coarsely grate the broccoli.

Wash the millet and put in a medium sized sauce pan.  Pour two cups water and half a teaspoon of turmeric along with a pinch of salt. Cook with the lid on for a total of 15 minutes on medium low heat setting.

Heat the oil in a large non-stick fry pan. Fry the leeks and the green chilli on medium heat for ten to twelve minutes until they are soft and tender. Sprinkle in the ground white pepper. Season lightly with salt and mix in the grated broccoli. Fry on high heat for a couple of minutes. Toss the peas along with the cooked millet and stir fry for 3-5 minutes (until heated through). Set aside.

In a small jar, whisk the lemon juice, honey, Dijon mustard, lemon zest, salt and pepper. Just before serving, stir in this dressing into the fried millet and mix well.

Garnish with fresh mint and the chopped peanuts. Serves 4 as a side dish.

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