I’ve heard a few people say “Oh, I can’t cook” I often feel like retorting back “Well, have you tried? I get it that not everyone has the same level of interest in food preparation but to admit you cannot cook is saying that you don’t have basic survival skills! There isn’t any excuse because the procedural information is everywhere.

On the not to cook side, I accept won’t cook as a well-considered choice. There has to be a correlation between the rise of Uber Eats and the decline of kitchen spaces in new builds and apartments. If you are a single person and you work out the maths and economics, it just does not make enough sense to spend time and money shopping, storing, cooking and washing up. When I mention the initial outlay of buying pots, pans and pantry basics, then you kind of see the single person’s dilemma. But, I would still argue that food and cooking are more than transactional.

Cooking is transformative and you could say it is alchemy. You take produce and in its raw uncooked state is inedible and unpalatable. You give it a bit of heat, salt and or acid, the raw state blossoms into something edible, digestible and palatable. There is a lot of science behind cooking and the change is nothing short of remarkable. Combine cooking with the culture aspect, you have layers of art, history and geography rolled into it. This is why cooking is fascinating and food transcends everything.

Build on what you know. Cooking engages all your senses. Learn to notice and interpret the signs and signals food gives you as it goes through the cooking process. To be able to notice these changes are far more important than religiously sticking to the recipe. Use the recipe by all means but above all put your heart and love into what you are cooking and everything will be tasty.

The beauty of food is its inherent ability to bring people together. When we eat together as a family or friends or community, we share, we learn, we smile and we connect. Is there a greater joy than sharing a comforting meal with the people you love?

If I have to sum up my food philosophy here is what I’d like to follow–

Don’t fear fat – too many people consider fat the enemy

There is nothing labelled healthy and unhealthy. It just depends on you, how frequently you eat and how much of the so called good thing you eat.

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Give the sugars in fruits a lot of thought and eat more coloured vegetables and less starchy vegetables. Use starchy vegetables as starch substitutes only.

Limit the amount of processed, packaged food you buy and consume. You will save a bundle too if you only put raw, unprocessed food in your trolley.

If you must have a sweet treat, consider dark chocolate. 72% dark is an excellent choice to stave off those sweet urges.

Move your body – exercise everyday whether it is walking or running or yoga – find your groove and stick to it.

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