Healthy Eating

I know “healthy eating, healthy lifestyle “have been bandied about too often. It varies from person to person and it is not a formula where one size fits all. Having said that the basics of eating well are ensuring your body is getting the correct amount of nutrients it requires. It is a fact we all need carbohydrates, proteins and fats from a variety of sources and all in moderation to form a balanced diet. My simple rule to ensure my family and I are getting a balanced, wholesome diet is using whole foods that I can cook, create or assemble. I try to buy local, seasonal and the best I can afford incorporating a colourful and varied diet using fresh fruits, vegetables, grains. I keep my family interested in what’s for dinner by cooking various cuisines. I guarantee that if you follow my food philosophy, you automatically eat what’s good for you as well as a wholesome, balanced diet. I started collecting recipes as a teenager and now seem to have quite a few acquired from friends of friends as well as my own tried and tested versions of classics.

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